Home Warranty Myths You Should Avoid Believing

Home repair and maintenance is an aspect of owning property that is often overlooked in importance when individuals become new property owners. Home warranties can help individuals with managing this aspect of owning a house, but there is sufficient misinformation concerning home warranty protections that can make it difficult for a homeowner to effectively decide whether they want to invest in buying a warranty for their home.

Myth: It Is Impossible To Have Warranty Protection For A Home

It is often assumed that it will be impossible to have warranty protection for a home. This belief is often based on the idea that homes are always purchased as is. While it is true that most individual sellers will have no warranty obligations to those that purchase from them, there are many third-party services that will sell these warranties to individuals.

Myth: Home Insurance Provides The Same Type Of Coverage As A Home Warranty

Individuals will frequently fail to seriously consider investing in a warranty as they will plan on purchasing home insurance coverage. However, the type of coverage that is provided by these policies will vary greatly. Typically, homeowner's insurance is only designed to cover instances of unforeseen damage to the structure. In contrast, a warranty will provide help with repairing issues caused by normal use and wear.

Myth: Only New Homes Benefit From Having A Warranty

There is another assumption that it is only possible to get a home warranty when the house has been recently constructed. Yet, individuals with older homes may benefit the most from buying this type of protection. This is due to the fact that many homes that have been recently purchased will already have some warranty protection from the builder. It is still possible to buy a home warranty for a new house, but you will want to review the builder warranty to determine what protections you will want to add.

Myth: Having A Home Warranty Will Free You Of Your Maintenance Obligations

Due to the fact that these warranties will provide repairs for many of the more routine damages and problems that will arise, homeowners might assume that they will not have to be as dedicated to regular maintenance on the property. However, homeowners are usually obligated to perform regular maintenance on the home if they are to keep the warranty valid. If it is determined that the claim was caused by improper maintenance, you may have a more difficult time getting the claim approved.

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